Log Cabin Variations With Textured Butterflies Or Appliqued Flowers

Make So Much More With Traditional Log Cabin Quilts.

Designers have taken an old traditional favorite and come up with inspiring designs you can’t ignore. Log cabin quilts provide all sorts of additions that you would to pair with the blocks. Butterflies display beautifully, and are completely at home framed in the blocks of this quilt. The wings pose all sorts of fabric choices to create the perfect texture.

This log cabin variation provides a design to frame a butterfly in a showcase by using white for the inner strips. Paisley prints or similar fabrics suggest the velvet of butterfly wings. This quilt will be stunning in any fabric, with easy log cabins that even a confident beginner could manage. For beginner and experienced quilters alike.

Log Cabin Variations

Choose flowery prints for the wings that can be fussy cut to get good symmetry between wings.

The Butterfly quilt is from the book Log Cabin Variations. 50 pages of inspiring designs and ideas for color play and motif with the blocks, a whole new spin on a favorite traditional block.

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