Quilting Pillow Woven Braid Patchwork To Fall Into

Quilting Pillow Braid Patchwork Just Dreamy.

I couldn’t really imagine a quilting pillow to come out as beautiful as these. Move the woven braid design around to totally different patterns. These pillows have three different blocks:-
Woven Wreath, Woven Braid, Woven Pretzel.

quilting pillow patchwork woven braid

You can use a fabric that has smaller motifs in distinct colors in order to achieve the pretty braided effect. This patchwork pattern uses four different fabrics. The pattern shows letter-coded cuts on the layout diagram below. You can easily see the nine blocks which make up the pillow front.

quilting pillow pattern

Once you see the ariel view of the pattern, you can already get a feel of how the braid can be maneuvered. You’ll be using cotton fabric, for the piping too. Interfacing to give it that crisp look, .. and piping cord.

These quilting pillows change vibrantly just by changing out the fabric.

Like this Chatsworth fabric.

quilting pillow with woven braid fabric

You might already know the Free Spirit fabrics…

free spirit fabrics quilting pillow

… and one of the Red Rooster fabrics, Bed of Roses.

bed of roses fabric

The tutorial is detailed. The braid pattern looks like it could be complicated, but once you place the fabric pieces, it comes together quickly. Once you see your first braided block, it just spurs you on for more. I believe it’s otherwise known as ‘quilting fever’!

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