Lone Star Quilt Pattern With A Twist

A Lone Star Quilt Pattern High Energy Block.

You can’t escape the energy of this lone star quilt pattern. The lone star is pretty busy, and to use a blue and red paisley just adds the twist. I didn’t really care for this star block when I first saw it, but somehow after a while, it kind of draws you in. Then you love it and want to get started right away. Then a total turn about to see the lone star block in a totally different arrangement with different fabric and colors. Suddenly this lone star quilt pattern takes a hold of your heart!

The star is made up using five different fabrics. In this pattern the fabric prints are from the Vintage Summer collection by The Yellow Bicycle for Blend. Now listen to this idea of wanting prints that look good together but also have enough contrast to show off the beauty of the lone star block. That’s where the high energy comes in.

lone star quilt pattern bandana fabric

To start with you’ll be working with 6 strips of fabric that are 1 1/2 inches wide and 42 inches long. Cut those in half to give you 12 strips of fabric that are 1 1/2 inches wide and 21 inches long.

Create three sets of strips. Spray starch the strips. Starching your fabrics will go a long way toward helping your seams be consistent and your points matched up.  The starch helps the fabric behave more like paper, with less stretching or slipping.

With the first strip set carefully lined up on your cutting mat, find the 45 degree line. Cut 8 of these strips. Repeat with the other two fabric strips, making three piles of 8 – 1.5 inch wide strips.

lone star quilt pattern instructions

Seams are 1/4 inch and you need to be quite disciplined about the accuracy.

Go on to make diamonds.
lone star quilt pattern diamond
lone star quilt pattern part of star

Continue until you have four diamonds sewn together to make half of the star.
star block with bandana paisley fabricAdd the background fabric to complete this beautiful lone star quilt pattern.

Here’s the lone star in a different fabric for a totally different look!
lone star quilt pattern in green and gray

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