Make A T Shirt Quilt Of Your Memories To Snuggle In And Remember The Good Times

Make A T Shirt Quilt With Warm Memories To Add

Imagine capturing great memories on your very own  T shirt quilt. It could be a little scruffy to my way of thinking, but when I saw the result of this T shirt quilt, I promptly changed my mind.The trick here is to use inter facing for each t shirt block. That’s what makes the quilt look more crisp and fresh. Once the interfacing is secured, it’s much easier to measure accurately and trim the block. Great tips to make a T shirt quilt.


make a t shirt block for quilting

t shirt quilt collection


You can imagine T shirt fabric being a little worse for wear. You wouldn’t expect it to stand up to the weight of a quilt. With the help of the interfacing, the motif or print is nicely centered and looks pretty professional! Somehow, even the colors look refreshed.

use old tshirts for t shirt quilt


As mentioned in this tutorial, this aspiring quilter is a beginner, and constantly struggled to get the t shirt quilt completed. By searching other blogs, and getting some help from the girls at Joannes, finally the quilt got finished. Not only has she shared the finished, but the journey too!

Tutorial shows exact steps, and fun one’s too. For this t shirt quilt, you’ll need 30 different pieces of shirt for the quilt squares. Imagine cutting out the front of those t shirt and having a fond memory for each one.

use old t shirts to make a t shirt quilt

Lay out the shirts in a 5 x 6 fashion that is appealing to the eye and take a picture of it. For this t shirt quilt, you’ll need 30 different pieces of shirt for the quilt squares.

As promised and freely shared, here’s the T shirt quilt tutorial:-

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