Make Quilted Potholders Like A Star!

These Star Design Quilted Potholders Don’t Even Need A Kitchen!

Quilted potholders are normally used in the kitchen. If you don’t cook, well then they’re called kitchen quilts! The difference though is that if you’re using them for pot holders the filler is different.A pot holder would need protective batting designed for kitchen products and ironing board covers at a quilt store. This batting has been specifically made for items that will be exposed to extreme heat and is used just like a regular batting.

Just a tip, don’t use polyester-based batting for potholders, as it will not block heat effectively.

You’ll be fussy cutting your fabric to get your desired look. Fussy cutting means you’re going to choose the best part of the fabric pattern, and that will be the focus of the pattern. Consider using fabric that lends itself to fussy cutting. Something like big leaves, or tulips, or a big rose. You’ll notice the star template in the video. You’ll put the star over the pattern, eg. a big leaf. Centre the leaf in the star. That’s your design!

Anyone can make their own templates. Set a math type compass to scribe a circle whose radius will be 1/2 the diameter of the hexagon you want.  So if you want a 7 inch hexagon, set the compass radius at 3.5 inches.  Mark your center point with a dot. Draw your circle. Leave the compass set at that exact measurement.

Put the metal point on the circle line and twirl the pencil around to make 2 hatch marks on the circle. Move the metal point to each of those marks and twirl it around to make 2 marks at each mark. Continue until you have made 2 arcs that cross at 6 points on the circle. Connect those 6 points with a straight line which will make the 6 sides of the hexagon just inside the circle.  It might be useful to connect those points going across the hexagon through your center point.

The triangle you get could be helpful in some projects, especially if you add your 1/4 in. seam allowance to all 3 sides. Or you could just use a star maker template.

Now, this video shows clearly how easy it is. I was so surprised! Thanks Kaye. Absolutely beautiful!

Image: Youtube Kayewood

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