Make This French Press Cozy In Time For Coffee

French Press Cozy So Stylish!

This French press cozy is sure to impress. Serves two purposes. One is too keep your tea or coffee hot, but the other purpose is serve coffee or tea in style. Even better to claim that it can’t be bought because this attractive cozy is so easily made from a simple pattern. All that is needed is to add some creativity with pretty fabric and fun embellishments. A great Saturday afternoon project, ready to use in time for coffee!

This coffee or tea cozy made especialy for a French press is so appealing and can be matched with any kitchen decor dependent on fabric and embellishment choice.

I have anothe example of a more modern style cozy with buttons. This pattern is is available as a free download. The cozy was made from an excerpt from a delicious book “Sewing For All Seasons” .

The fabric is chocolate brown and was chosen so as to not show coffee spills on the fabric. That’s pretty smart too. A couple of matching coffee cup cozies for coffee to go matches this trendy chocolate brown cozy. It just goes to show the different effects simply using another form of tie, different colored fabric, and a personal touch in the choice of embellishment.

Not much is needed. Embroidery thread, if that’s part of the quilting design, bits of different color fabrics, batting, ribbon…

Here are some great ideas for these stylish plunger cozies.

how to make a french press cozy

French press cozy cute embellishments


french press cozy button up

This is kind of the idea for the button up French press cozy. Simply stitch on ties for the other one.

french cozy press free quilt pattern

Here’s a smaller one with ties.

french press cozy free pattern


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