Misty Mountain Zig Zag Quilt Simple With A jelly Roll

A Zig Zag Quilt With Real Mountain Peaks.

It’s the greeting the sun gives the mountains in the morning that clears the misty peaks. If you love misty mornings why not make this gorgeous zig zag quilt pattern that shows you how to use fabric scraps to make a quilt that resembles the rugged landscape of the mountains.



Perfectly sized to be your next favorite lap quilt pattern. Strip panels are made up from jelly roll strips, and cut at 2 1/2″ at a 45 degree angle. Assembling the strips panels to form a zig zag and appear as the landscape or water around the base of the mountain, centering a sunset, blooms, or snow on the peaks. Use a print that could suggest snow caps.

jelly roll quilt Sunnyside Kate Spain

If using a Sunnyside jelly roll follow the easy layout for each strip in the tutorial, and the design comes together quickly forming the peaks and landscaping in all the right places, with background in white as fresh as the mountain dew.

The quilt finishes at  58″ x 65″. A super project for a misty morning.

jelly roll zig zag quilt pattern


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