Your Next Star Quilt Using Simple Half Square Triangles

Half Square Triangles Make This Beautiful Star Quilt.

Star quilts are top of the list for favorites, with appealing designs emerging with fantastic fabric combinations, such as this delicious red and turquoise work of art. It’s so fresh, and can be used for almost any season. The entire design is made using half square triangles arranged to form a resonating star. A closer look shows the half square triangles and their clever placement. A little tricky to get started with, but once you have the HST’s made up, a little planning on a design board, or kitchen floor and the design becomes picture perfect!

The red and turquoise fabric used for this star quilt was chosen around the remodelling of a main living area, with accents of red and turquoise.


Half square triangles are the easiest to make, the tutorial for the star quilt is very clear and easy to follow. You’ll be cutting the half square triangles twice diagonally, then arrange them as you see them in the picture of the quilt.Thereafter sew the squares together in the same order, press and sew the strips together to complete the pattern. But be sure to follow Christies warning on sewing the sashing and measuring or else the sashing may come out wavy.


Christie used 10″ square. The red and turquoise quilt in the picture measured about 81″ x 56″ finished size. The backing used about 5 yards. Here’s a quick tutorial to make super easy HST’s (half square triangles) . So quick. Once you have a heap of half square triangles you can make fun quilts with the squares, using the fabric colors and prints as creatively as you like. See the half square triangle tutorial here.


Take a look at this Star in black and white and using 14″squares. The star really features with this quilt and Lori from Night Owl Quilting (love the name), used straight lines quilting for the outer diamonds to balance with the feather quilting on the star.


This star quilt just flows.


The Star really features in black and white. Using 14 inch squares make the design really bold. It’s quite breathtaking!


See more about Lori’s black and white Star quilt at Night Owl Quilting.