Nine Patch Stash Buster Lush In Your Lounge

Mix And Match This Nine Patch For Lucious Throw.

Make a luxurious new throw for your lounge. This nine patch is one of the easiest of quilts to make. Each square providing unlimited mix and match choices to put together. Mixes of orange/ yellow, coral. green and brown prints, the colors will suit almost any decor. The quilt projects a mix of country soft, but comtemporary to modern, making it suitable for most decors. The nine patch block is so easy and with white sashing as presented in this quilt, any fabric would look amazing. A style of quilt that will almost never date.

The design is simple and elegant leaving the choice of fabric to generate the theme. Use fabric for a holiday quilt, rich tones of dark berry red, bottle green and cream for a wintry season. This quilt would be stunning in autumn shades too, just right for your autumn home. The same design would make a sweet baby quilt.


Choose any color for the sashing. The white sashing in the pattern image truly brings out the rich colors of the quilt, especially the blends of coral and green, with chocolate brown, creating that lush feel that’s great for any lounge. Throw it on an old couch and the the room freshens up right away. Very inviting. Or thrown over a chair in the bedroom suddenly introduces a warm soft cream feel that’s very soothing. This quilt could be summer or winter, autumn or spring. It’s so versatile. With a little experience, this intermediate level quilt will render some of the most beautiful quilts sure to be admired.


Small squares used to make up the nine patch are 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″.  The quilt consists of 12 nine patch blocks plus the 2 1/2 ” sashing sews up really quick. Choosing the fabric pieces for the blocks is the creative side and really fun to mix and match till you love the feel.


Beautiful nine patch quilt pattern provided by Jo-Ann is a professional pattern beautifully displayed for inspirational ideas and color ways.