Scrappy Quilt Pattern With A Cat On A Donkey

A Scrappy HST Quilt

Sometimes I keep bits of fabric simply because I love a little piece of it like a cutey smiley cat, or the color of a tulip. This scrappy quilt tutorial needs scraps.  Making them into a scrappy quilt means you get to see those little tidbits that make you so happy!


This design is based on a Half Square Triangle {Scrappy Strings Style} !! If you’ve got a scrap bit with a cat sitting on a donkey, you can follow this pattern exactly. However choose random scraps and add some pieces you really love, and make it your own.

scrappy quilt pattern with a cat

For your fabric you’ll need some muslin and a heap of fabric strips which you’ll be cutting to two inches in width and long enough to cover 8.5 inch squares of muslin. One strip will be two and half inches wide to
make a scrappy quilt block

Trim the edges of your block to a clean 8.5 inches.
scrappy quilt block made from strips of fabric

scrappy blocks

scrappy string quilt top

scrappy quilt pattern string quilt

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