No Boundaries Quilt Fun With Charm Squares

A Simple And Appealing Charm Square Quilt.

If you adore quilts with a dynamic design, this colorful charm square quilt is composed of diamonds of colour on a plain background. Quilt-easy blocks set on point, mimic the classic argyle knitwear pattern.


To capture the structure, the argyle would normally be made using four colors and a pop color. The ‘No Boundaries’ quilt is exactly the opposite with an array of colorful charm squares, each easy block consisting of two colors and a solid.

argyle quilt pattern with charm squares

With simple piecing and easy assembly steps the top goes together super quick. All of the blocks are pieced, press to nest. Full-sized blocks are easy construction and bordered with setting triangles.

Black sashing enhances the geometric style knitting pattern. This is the perfect project to use leftover 5′ charms, or cut up small pieces of fabric that will render 5″ squares. Arranging these blocks on-point and with a small sashing creates simple yet appealing argyle.

Quick to construct you could put the whole thing together in the span of a weekend. The quilt is easily up-sized to Queen or King with the addition of another column or two of the argyle blocks.


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