Your Patchwork Tote Bag Masterpiece With This Simple Pattern

Patchwork Tote Bag Made Easy – Using Just 5 Inch Squares!

You can’t go wrong with this patchwork tote bag. Almost the entire bag is made up from 5 inch squares. Pre-cut squares like the Moda Squares  are all very convenient. To be honest, if you have a stack of stash of different fabrics, get them out now.


Play around with some of the colors and designs to get some great co-ordinates. Cut them to five inch squares and get ready to make this patchwork tote bag!

moda 5 inch squares patchwork tote bag

To begin with, all you need is
16 x 5 inch squares, 1 piece for the backing which is 18 1/2 ” x 18 1/2 “.
2 pieces of batting. Fusible fleece works well here. Size 18 1/2″ x 18 1/2″ .
2 pieces of fabric 18 1/2″ x 18 1/2″ each.
2 pieces of fabric for the handles :- 5″ x 22″ , plus 2 pieces of batting for these handles:- 2 1/2 ” wide by the length of your handles.
1 ball of thick wool.

Lay your squares out to decide your pattern arrangement.

patchwork tote

Stitch your squares together in rows of 4 blocks across.

patchwork tote bag pattern

Stitch the rows together .

patchwork back pattern

Stitch fabric to batting.

patchwork tote bag batting

Stitch on wool across all squares.

tote bag piping

Looking good!

patchwork bag edging

Stitch backing fabric. See tutorial (easy). Fold fabric over right sides together. Stitches three sides. Turn bag right side out.

patchwork tote bag quilted pattern

Add handles…

tote bag handles

And we have our patchwork tote bag!

patchwork tote bage with 5inch squares


Watch this video to see exactly how it’s done. I’ve added another video showing detailed instructions on boxing the bag corners. Easy once you know how.


Here’s the video on how to box the corners of your bag.

Imgs:Youtube:Alanda Craft

Click here for the free full pattern tutorial.

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