One Jelly Roll Makes The Hottest 3 Big Bags

How To Make These 3 Hot Bags With Just One Jelly Roll.

Getting 3 big bags out of one jelly roll using some smart moves. When you see the bags… I mean these bags are hot, and you only need 12 jelly roll strips.

Fabric requirements:

1 Jelly Roll
1 1/2 yards of lining fabric for the lining, handles and pocket.
1 yard Batting

Open up the jelly roll and choose your colors from the strips.
Put the strips right sides together. Stitch down one side. Continue until you have a stitched a set of 12 jelly roll strips.

Place the batting and stitch to the fabric to anchor. Trim the batting in line with the fabric. Keep those strips of batting you’re trimming off because you can use them for the handles.

For the lining: Simply cut the lining fabric to the width of the bag.

For the handles: Cut 4  strips 4 inches wide. Decide on your own length. Cut a strip of batting 3/4 to an inch wide, and the same length as the handles.

For the pocket: Decide the size of pocket that you would like. Cut the fabric to size. Fold the pocket fabric and lay it on the bag to see if that’s how you want it.

For the handles: Decide how long you would like your handles. Lay the batting down the center of the fabric strip. and stitch.

Attach the handles and pockets. Sew the bottom seam, and both sides.

To square the bottom: Pull the fabric out either side of the corner at the bottom. Place a pin at least 2 inches from the corner. Then flatten out the corner and draw a pencil line across the corner. Stitch on the line and cut the corner off.

how to box the corners of one jelly roll tote bag

Stitch in the lining. Perfect!

fabric strips tote from one jelly roll
This video tutorial will show you the steps. It’s so easy I just want to start!

Images:Youtube: Missouri Star Quilt Co

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