Petal And Plume Peacock Quilt With Zinnias Too Add

Petal And Plume Splashes A Beautiful Peacock Quilt.

Fresh and inviting peacock quilt mixed with zinnias and soft florals. This Petal and Plume quilt is so fresh. It radiates summer with the softness of zinnias. Fabric patterns mixed with soft florals and flora. The pattern has been beautifully assembled with the exact fabrics used to capture the essence of this Peacock quilt.

The pattern does not use center panel to showcase a peacock. Instead the fabric has a mix of a peacock in a colorful jewel garden, and is surrounded by quilt blocks of flowers, waves and motions mixing and matching peacock colors. The design and layout of the blocks make up an array of colors in Tealed Aster and Fuschia Finch.

When you think of the colors of a peacock turquoise, royal blue, green, and purple come to mind. It might be a little overwhelming on a quilt. The beauty of this pattern is the mixes of pinks, soft green and purple, with a dark streak through to emphasize the structure of the blocks. The peacock is not overly emphasized, so you get more of a floral feel, yet the peacock is on a dark background, so you don’t lose the personality of the quilt.

The backing fabric a soft pastel white with some design to filter color tone for a perfect match.

Make your own beautiful peacock quilt. The pattern is complete with layout, right through to the binding to finish.

quilt blocks to make a peacock quilt

Finished size of this quilt is 85″ x 85″. If you want to make a Kingsize quilt simply add more strips.

peacock quilt floral



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