A Petal Song Layer Cake Quilt With Strips And Squares

Swap Out Your Quilt Decor With Petal Song

A delicious layer cake friendly quilt. Stitch a bright and cheerful design for family picnics, or an eye catching throw for the sofa.


Chain Piece squares and rectangles to make up 15 blocks in no time. Cut large pieces cut from a layer cake, or fabric of your choice in a myriad of different prints. Select fabric for the small squares which become the background to magically float the ‘Plus’.

Petal Song Layer Cake quilt pattern

The main block made up of large pluses are quick to construct and just delightful for showy prints such as Riley Blakes Petal Song used for this quilt by designer Jessica Dayon. Full display of the prints emerge in the large ‘Plus’. It’s the perfect block for a splash of color.

Positive Side Quilt pattern

Positive Quilt Pattern Petal Song fabric

Positive Side quilt pattern is available for purchase.

Click Here To Purchase “Jessica Dayon Positive Side” Quilt Pattern

Click here to purchase “Riley Blakes Petal Song” Layer Cake

Riley Blake Petal Song Layer Cake

Click Here For “Riley Blakes Petal Song” fabric collection.

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