Pinwheel Quilt Pattern That Costs Much Less

Pinwheel Quilt Pattern… Snowballed!

Here’s how to make The Snowballed Pinwheel Quilt Pattern using two charm packs. One with a color design, and one solid. The charm packs are precut 5 inch squares of fabric. The finished quilt is this project is 45 inches by 50 inches. Once your blocks are made, the quilt is six blocks across and seven blocks down.

If you wanted to make a bed size quilt of this, say a full or a queen, you would have to calculate, of course, how many charm packs of each you would need. You could put three or four across, and then length needed for a table runner. Choose a season, like, autumn colors. Beautiful!

You’ll notice that the points in this pattern are a little different which makes it a whole new ball game! One simple addition or change to a pattern gives it a fresh new look and you don’t loose the pinwheel! I also love patterns that call for a lot of background fabric as they tend to cost less to make.

snowballed pinwheel quilt

The video tutorial will show you a second design using the same pattern. The blue and green are the pinwheels, and the red and beige are the snowballs. Here’s a peek:

pinwheel quilt with snowball

Pinwheels could go clockwise or counter clockwise. It’s much easier than it looks and so much fun choosing the charm packs and matching up colour combinations. Another idea someone threw in was to use a plain charm pack, a print charm pack, and a matching candy pack. It does work and would make for less cutting. Snowball your pinwheel! What fun!

I can see this as a beautiful baby or lap quilt.

Just a mention about a hiccup in the video… one charm pack of each plus eleven squares for snowballing, you would need two packs of the background. You’ll need an additional charm pack for the corners.

Img: Youtube Missouri Star Quilt Company

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