Quick Stitch Your Own Jelly Roll Rug

Use A Packed Jelly Roll Colors For Inspiration

Don’t you just love looking at the colors of a jelly roll when it’s still rolled up?! Fall in love with a collection and simply arrange the strips for your rug in exactly the same order to get the same color flow. Then, just start stitching!


The rug is just so beautiful, you might have a hard time feeling comfortable standing on it. These rugs are firm! You can walk on them, throw them in the washing machine, the dryer…  and they will last and last. Use them next to your bed, in the kitchen or even the laundry.

jelly roll rug with dark outer edges

Jelly Roll Rug from Said With Love
You might want to have the white on the interior, then some shaded white, have some red, and come back with a red tartan for texture, then finish with a dark outer edge to anchor the design. It’s completely your preference. How you lay your strips out is going to determine how your rug is going to look in the end!

colorful jelly roll rug moda

Pretty Jelly Roll Rug Andrea Suzanne Quilts
summer fun jelly roll rug

Jelly Roll Rug from Happy Apple Quilts
You could always cut your own half inch strips and make your own jelly roll, so don’t worry if you haven’t found your favorite.

moda jelly roll

You can use batting scraps for your rug, but you’ll need to sew them together according to the pattern directions. Stick with 100% cotton batting so your rug lays flat. To help make the rug construction much easier and faster, choose ready to use batting on a roll.

To get an idea of how to make a rug watch this video from Fabric Garden.

If it lands up curling up at the edges and looking like a bowl, Kathy from Tamarack Shack says she had to rip it out and restitch, however, at least the project can be saved should you go slightly off.

Follow these tips to increase or decrease the amount of strips to make table toppers or placemats. When you first see this rug you will not only want to make one, but several! I can easily imagine a Christmas version and seasonal versions to change out throughout the year.

The rug, designed by Roma Lambson of Rj Designs is a finished size of 30″ x 44″ using just one jelly roll. Make any size you choose by adjusting the amount of strips. A Paper Pattern is available for purchase here.  There is also a Rectangular Version available from here.


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