Roses And Vintage Style Quilting

If You Love The Romance of Vintage Themed Quilts

Add a romantic, vintage charm to your quilting, and create beautiful and cherished handmades. A bit of trim leads to finding a wonderful button, and on to a gorgeous piece of delicate lace. Have a wonderful time stitching traditional quilts and gathering vintage treasures.




Combine all the colors in your quilt project along with vintage inspired elements. Choose an inspiration fabric to set the color palette.

Vintage quilting Verna Mosquera

Verna Mosquera of The Vintage Spool says that you can develop a color palette simply gathering vintage buttons, ribbons, and trim, which could be the starting point of your fabric selection.

vintage quilts

Perfect quilts for heirlooms, and beautiful quilts to be treasured, like the ones from when your grandmother would cut fabric on the kitchen table!

vintage and roses quilting

Verna Mosquera book, A Sewn Vintage Lifestyle, contains charming and useful projects.

patchwork pillow A Sewn Vintage

Make yourself a beautiful patchwork tote in Vera’s Vintage Rose fabrics, a reminder to take time to smell the roses. A charming gift too!

Vintage patchwork tote

Vera’s book, published back in 2013, is a favorite among vintage romantics today. The book features 20 charming, useful and beautifully sewn projects for the home that reflect a vintage and romantic inspired aesthetic. Projects range from quilts, (both patchwork and appliqué) to embroidery and simple sewn projects. It’s a beautiful book on the coffee table, or library shelf.



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