Runaway Quilt Block Hanging In There To Greet You With A Smile

Runaway Quilt Block ‘Hanging In There’ Quilted Wall Hanging

This adorable Runaway Quilt Block with a little man ‘hanging in there’ has a smiley face to greet you when you come home. Who wouldn’t respond? It warms your heart straight out! The hanging man has googly eyes, and at first you might think he’s a quilt block, trying to escape the quilt! Instead he has a smiling face and sends a message loud and clear to “Hang in there”!

What a lovely face to see when you walk through the door, especially after the days grind. This is the perfect gift, not only for quilters, but anyone who might love a quilted wall hanging, and especially one with a cheeky, happy grin.


runaway quilt block hang in there

runaway quilt block humorous quilted wall hanging

I hope it’s brought a little sunshine to your day 🙂

A complete pattern has finally been found by the designer, thank you Chris Gilman. The pattern is available for purchase from Chris Gilman in a pdf form. The original name for this cute little wall hanging is “Tighten the Tension”.

Email Chris directly at to order. Or click the link below and take a look at her other patterns available.

You might want to try a simple version by making up a nine patch quilt in the size of your choice. Nine blocks make up a good size wall quilt.

runaway quilt block with sashing


To make the legs take the 7″ x 3″ rectangles. Measure and mark a line 2 inches from the bottom.

runaway quilt block making the legs

Fold the bottom fabric over right sides together. Pin.

runaway quilt block pattern humorous

Then make a measure and mark 1 inch in from each side.

hang in there quilt pattern

Fabric right sides together, sew a line of stitching 1 inch in length and a 1/4 inch in from the fold. ( black cotton used to make it more visible).

leg pattern

Pin the leg with fabric right sides together. Stitch along the bottom and up the side to the end. Trim corners off  at the bottom of the boot/foot.

how to make legs for runaway quilt block

Turn right sides out. Stuff loosely with batting fill.

little legs for hang in there quilt block

To make the arms, fold fabric over right sides together. Stitch one end and up the side to the end. Turn right sides out. Fill loosely with batting but taking care to put less in the hands. Pin the arms in between the layers of the 9 patch block in the position shown in the picture.

hang in there quilt block

Position the legs between the layers of the 9 patch block till they look right and pin.  Stitch all four sides of the 9 patch block, securing the legs and arms. Leave the fabric ends to fray a little to make it look like a runaway. The original pattern for this quilt shows the ‘runaway’ wearing knitted socks and miniature boots!

Push the un-stitched ends of the arms through the cut fabric at the bottom of the quilt. Tuck the ends of the fabric in Stitch a straight line across what would be the wrist. Attach the googley eyes with fabric glue.

Stitch a couple of fabric loops at the back of the quilt. Slide a wooden bar through the loops. Your runaway quilt is ready to hang!

Watch this video on how to make a nine patch.

With a little experience you will have the cutest little Runaway Quilt, however a pattern is always so much easier to work from. Email Chris Gilman for her “Tighten the Tension” pattern available for purchase for a small fee.

Have fun making your “hang in there” runaway wall quilt.


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