Rustic Rag Quilt Rated Top For Easy

If You’re Looking For Easy Quilting, It’s This Rustic Rag Quilt.

A colorful rustic rag quilt, soft and rumpled, using batik print fabric… very original. As with rag quilts, seams are exposed. It’s the cheat finish that makes it so easy. No fussing over perfect seams and neat finishes or straight edges.It’s the fabric that has created a rustic look using a traditional rag quilt pattern.

The batik fabric is made by hand using wax and dyeing to create the patterns and designs. The colors are vibrant, just perfect for a jaunty rustic rag quilt. The pattern quilt size is 60 inches x 60 inches. The only thing left to do is wrap yourself up in the casual quilt.

The mix of fabric makes it feel like you give it to a teenager as a gift, … to a far out idea that it would be perfect in a log cabin.

rustic rag quilt as a gift

Once you have chosen your fabrics:-
-Cut out 35 squares size 11″ x 11″ .
-Cut the 36 squares the same size for the backing. In this case a soft natural color was used, but you could get quite      creative here. There’re no rules.
-Lightweight natural batting from you’ll be cutting thirty-six 9½” x 9½” squares.

Lay the squares out and move them around until you fall in love with your design.

rustic rag quilt blocks

Not everyone loves a batik style fabric for their rag quilt. No problem. Use the same rag quilt pattern and simply choose a combination of print flannel.

rustic rag quilt woven fabric

Cut the same amount and size squares. Cut an extra square 11′ x 11′ for the heart.

Layer by placing the backing fabric, wrong side up on your work table. A square of batting which you must center leaving  ¾” of back fabric showing all around. Next place a square of fabric right side up, on top.

Stitch an X through the block. Then stitch six blocks together, 1/2 ” seam allowance. Make all 5 rows consisting of 6 blocks across.
When all the rows are complete, stitch around the entire outside edge of the quilt, using a ½” seam allowance.

If you’re using the heart center the heart on the fourth square from the left on the bottom row. Pin in place. Hand sew close to the the edge through all layers.

rustic rag quilt with valentine heart

rustic rag quilt with a Valentine heart


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