Scnibbles Scrappy Quilt In Exchange For A Heaps Of Scraps

Easy Schnibbles Scrap Quilt Becomes One Of Your Nicest Scrap Projects.

This scrap quilt caught my eye and the caption was if you need to figure out how to use up fabric scraps, this is it. The colors are so pretty and are the typical sort of colors you would have piled up in a scrap bag. What a perfect match. A pile of pretty scraps plus this Scnibbles scrappy and look at the result. The pattern is really nice, consisiting of strips and four patch blocks. Get out the scraps and start cutting the 2 1/2″ squares, and selecting for the strips. Lizzie the Quilter followed the mini quilt pattern, then simply added more strips and four patch block strips and made her quilt lap size.



Schnibbles scrap pattern Schnibbles Times Two

Lizzie The Quilter started cutting up the squares and made up the four patch blocks on a Saturday afternoon. So relaxing and exciting at the same time.

Schnibbles Times Two pattern four patch blocks

A quilter will know, the cutting, then stitching of the four block strips and the minin strips either side are time consuming and you have to stay with it. But when the design starts to come together, it’s so inspiring. Once the top is done. layer, bind and quilt.

Schnibbles Times Two Pattern Scratch

There are no finished pictures for this exact quilt. Another Schnibbles scappy quilt was made up in this selction of colors. It’s great to see the exact same pattern and what it will look like in totally different colors. It’s inspiring and opens up ideas to use the scraps that you have on hand doesn’t it? The design is so nice, it’s one of those quilts that will sort of go with everything. I can imagine the quilt in so many different colors and textures from floral prints to mixes of prints and solids. A very versatile design.

This one was put up by Vicki’s Crafts and Quilting.

quilt top Schnibbles Times Two

The pattern was taken from the Schnibbles Times Two. The book as a pattern book is delightfully unusual as it has 12 ‘pairs’ of quilts, with a large and small quilt in each design. Suddenly it’s a whole new take, even though the book is from way back in 2010. Like the book, the quilts are not likely to date. Make the quilt and also small mini quilt to match as a table topper, or bedroom chair back.

Schnibbles Times Two Scratch scrap quilt pattern