Scrappy Chain Quilt Pattern From Quilting Techniques To Complete

A Super Easy Chain Quilt Pattern How To Do It Easy With Fabulous Results.

There is none as easy as this Scrappy Chain. The quilting techniques used in this chain quilt will put any resistance you may have to bed for sure. It is super easy, and with learning curves out of the way, choose your fabric colors and prints and you’re away. It is just amazing what you can do with this chain quilt pattern.

“Scrappy Chains” is available for purchase with a skill level ‘easy’. The training video shows the step by step method clearly. As an experienced quilter, you could easily pick up on the technique and make the chain blocks quick. Choose your colors, put the quilt blocks together and in no time you have your top. The design is interesting and almost timeless. It’s just one those quilts that will kind of fit with any decor. Simply enjoy choosing the fabric and how you’re going to put the design together.



Imagine what you can create after getting it together with this technique. I find it therapeutic because you almost don’t need to to even think. Just get creative and go! For the quilt size in the pattern you need a total of 143 x 6″ chain blocks. This will render a quilt size 66″ x 78″. Simply reduce the amount of blocks for the desired size. The method for the block is the same. I can see a very pretty lap quilt in the “Scrappy Chain”.


Match your lounge room decor and use as a throw over the sofa. Contrasting colors will show up the chain pattern beautifully. You could really create an edgy quilt with this simple scrappy pattern! Add some new color to your bedroom decor as a throw over the bedroom chair. If you’re not considering perfect color co ordination, it’s the perfect project to use up a heap of scraps. The squares and rectangles cut from 2 1/2 inch strips!


This quick four minute video shows you exactly how to put together a scrappy chain quilt block.