Scrappy Herringbone Quilt Beats That Scrap Pile Of Pretty Fabrics.

Scrappy Herringbone Quilt Perfect For Fall.

A simple Herringbone pattern that anyone can do to use up scraps and have fun watching the quilt progress into a blaze of beautiful color. Create a brilliantly colored quilt quickly using this simple traditional Herringbone pattern. Follow this step by step tutorial. The quilt goes together in long strips as opposed to making time consuming blocks ( as rewarding as they are).


A quilt as you go project which in itself is a huge timesaver, since there’s no time spent drafting out a pattern. Adjust the size to your need easily.


Brighten any home with this colourful country style quilt that sews up so easy that it’s almost like having a holiday to make it. A good feel too, using up a heap of fabric scraps with this easy tutorial. Watch that pile of fabric become the prettiest country quilt.


The quilt in this tutorial finishes at 62″ x 62″, however it’s easy to adjust the size to make it larger, or even smaller. Imagine a single row of herringbone as a bed runner, easy and awesome to add a quick fresh look to any bedroom. Adjust the size by simply making the quilt panels longer or wider.


Rated ‘easy’ so a nice project for a beginner, and especially quick to make for an experienced quilter. It’s a little more than a weekend project. Take some time and enjoy putting it together. The next thing you know, the scrap basket has a little more room, and there’s a pretty quilt ready to use.



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