Scraps And Odds To Make These Finger Hot Pads

Finger Hot Pads For A Quick Grab Of That Cookie Sheet.

Quilted hot pads are always useful in the kitchen. They’re so easy to make and matching fabric to your kitchen decor is the benefit of making your. Using bright citrus fabric go well with almost any happy sunny kitchen and your hot pads could even turn out to be the eye catching feature in the room. When I saw these finger hot pads I was delighted. What a great addition to your hot pad, oven mitt collection. The pieces for the finger pocket are pretty small, so you can definitely get by with scraps

These little finger hot pads are perfect for a quick grab of a cookie sheet, or the lid of a pot. I have a pot lid that’s all stainless steel and man do they get hot. Reach for the finger hot pad… perfect!

So here’s the overview of what you’ll need.

This makes one pair.


  • Enough fabric to cut four 4″x7″ rectangles and four 4″x 2 1/2″ rectangles; half a fat quarter would be more than sufficient

[They can be all the same fabric or all different, depending on your preference.
For the purposes of this tute, I’m going to assume you’re using 2 different fabrics, one for the front, and one for the back of each pad.]

  • Cotton batting – about 1/4 yard
  • Insul-Bright – enough for two 4″x7″ rectangles
  • Binding/bias tape – about 1 yard of 1″ single fold (or 1/2″ double fold)

finger hot pads fabric

how to make finger hot pads

Add the finger cubby

assemble finger hot pads

finger hot pads color

Easy grab

finger hot pads yellow

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