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9 Minutes Apron With Pockets Tutorial.

The tutorial for this apron with pockets is only 9 minutes. But to be honest it won’t take much longer than that to make it. The apron is so simple but effective, and kind of a little unique, but also practical. So I supposed its and apron with pockets for all things!

For this apron pattern you’ll need:

For the body of apron :-  9.5″ x 16″ Denim cotton.
For the body backing: – 9.5″ x 16″ Print Cotton fabric.
Pocket:  7″ x 20″ Denim cotton
For the binding:  55″ Print cotton fabric.
The ties:  45″ x 3″ print cotton fabric,cut two

To make the body of the apron with the print cotton backing. simply stitch the denim and the print cotton, wrong sides together. Stitch close to edge.

back of apron with pockets

To make the pockets. There’s a trick to this. Using the 7″ x 20′ denim, mark the fabric where you want the pockets. Mark small areas which is where the fabric will lie flat. Those sections won’t be a pocket, if you know what I mean. You can make the pockets as large or small as you wish. The video tutorial also gives measurements that you can use. The larger pockets will have a little pleat.

apron with pockets mark the pockets

Stitch the cotton fabric to edge of the pocket fabric to create  the binding. Its a nice finish that’s pretty too. To add you put a decorative stitch. Add the ties.Done!

apron with pockets and ties

Watch this easy video showing you how to put it together. Some handy tips to get everything into place and looking great.

Feature Img:Youtube SewVeryEasy

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