One Hour Pot Holder With A Pocket

A New Pot Holder Made Up In Time For Dinner.

Make this easy sew pot holder in 4 easy steps. I love the fact that you can simply whip up a set of pot holders in an hour and have them ready to use in time for dinner. Choose your fabric to match your kitchen colors, and make an extra set for a friend.


You’ll need:
Two 8-1/2″ circles of your chosen fabric
One 8-1/2″ circle of Insul-Bright Fabric
Two 8-1/2″ circles of Quilted Iron Quick Fabric
2 inch strip of fabric for the bias binding. Please be sure to cut this strip of fabric on the bias.

Making the circles for the pot holder.

pot holder patterns

Cut one circle of fabric and one circle of Quilted Iron Quick Fabric in half. Layer and stitch.

patterns for potholders

Make the base of the pot holder by layering fabric, Quilted Iron Quick Fabric, and Insul Bright. Zig Zag stitch all round the edge.

pot holder patterns fabric

Check out this easy way to make the bias binding using a 1 inch bias tape maker.

one inch bias tape maker

Cut the end of the fabric at a diagonal. Feed the 2 inch strip of fabric into the bias tape maker. Pull the fabric through with a pin.

make bias binding with a bias binding maker

make bias binding for pot holder pattern

Once you’ve pulled the fabric through, take your iron and press the bias binding flat.

pot holder pattern to make bias binding

– Edge the straight edge of the two half circles. Lay the bias binding over the edges and straight stitch.

pot holder and oven mitt pattern
-Add the two pocket pieces to the base of the pot holder. Zig Zag all layers together.

pot holder pattern instructions

To finish, add the bias trim around the edge.

pot holder pattern base


pot holder pattern with pockets

This video tutorial will show you the steps. Download the free pattern from the link below the video.


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