Over Easy Hot Pads

Applique Egg Hot Pads Are A Breeze To Make.

Try out this fun over easy hot pad even beginners will find fun to make. A couple of fabric scraps in two tones of orange bring the golden yolks to life. They look so real and look great in the kitchen.


2 fat quarters make a set. Use different prints for each hot pad. Silver gray fabric resemble a frying pan and black binding make sunny yolks golden and inviting. To make the egg, position the egg white and egg yolk and fuse pieces in place. Machine applique using matching thread and satin stitch. Patrick Lose the designer suggests using Insul Brite heat resistant batting so they’re  perfect for every day use.


egg hot pad pattern

The materials list are for 2 hot pads each size 7 1/2″ diamater and make a lovely gift too. Couple with a set of tea towels for a great house warming gift!


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