Teddy Bear Pot Holder With A Snub Nose And A Bowtie

Teddy Bear Pot Holder Welcomes You Into Your Kitchen In The Morning

This teddy bear pot holder has a snub nose and wears a bowtie. The only thing left for this teddy to do is serve your tea in the morning… he’s so cuute! Perfect for country cottage kitchens. Give your kitchen a little teddy bear magic with these teddy pot holders smiling at everyone as they walk into your kitchen. Make a whole heap of them with lots of different bowties.

Add them to your teddy bear picnic of tea towels. There’s a myriad of mixes and matches for these teddies. Use them for mini wall quilts, or mug rugs on your tea tray. They’re sure to put a smile on everyones face.

Imagine them as mini wall quilts. The kids will love them, and even big girls too since the bears have a certain personlality in each face, These are smart bears!! Ok…moving on..

teddy bear pot holder mini wall quilt


bear pot holder

The pattern is not very clear and I cannot even find a pattern to purchase, so if you get to figure this one out it will be worth it.

teddy bear pot holders

teddy bear pot holder pattern template

teddy pot holder quilt pattern

Teddy Bear Pot Holder Pattern Instructions

Completed size: width x height approx. 14 x 18 cm.

Materials for one Teddy Bear Pot Holder

A piece of stabilizer with squares for the sketch.
Piece of fusible wadding for the interfacing.
Piece of fabric for the nose part and ears.
Piece of fabric for the head.
Fabric for corners of the eyes and the backing.
Fabric for bowtie and strap.
Pieces of thermal lining for interfacing16 x 20cm.
2 buttons for eyes, approx 10mm in diameter.
Button for the snout, approx 15mm in diameter.

Perhaps you could figure it out from here on.

The original pattern can be seen here but it’s not very clear.


If you love bears you’ll love making these teddy bear pot holders!

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