Roses And Chocolate Mini Charm Packs For Perfect Country Kitchen Coasters

Mini Charm Packs Coasters – Go Country Kitchen.

Mini charm packs for a country kitchen feel. Simply choose patterns that work well together. You’ll have four of them to make up the coaster. From the four blocks, take two blocks and sew them right sides together. The same with the other two blocks. Then sew all four together to complete a square. Press the seams as flat as possible. The coaster should be completely flat once it’s finished, else the glass will topple when you put it on the coaster.



mini charm packs country kitchen


Be sure to re – enforce the beginning and the end of the stitching so that the stitching doesn’t kind of open out when you turn your coaster through.

Use wool felt for the padding. Batting generally tends to be a bit bulky and does not lie quite as flat as we need it to. Fusible batting works pretty well. There’s always scraps of it left over from other projects, and will be a perfect ‘use up’ for this project!

Cut the wool felt four and half inch square. Now here’s the trick. Take one square of four blocks that you have sewn together and put it wrong side down onto the wool felt, that’s right side up facing you. Then take your second block and place it right side down onto the first block. So, the wool felt down first, then the first block on top, then the second block on top of that. The fabric being right sides together.

Stitch three sides. Don’t start and finish the last row of stitching so near to the corners – start further in. The fourth edge (opening) will be big enough to turn inside out.  The fourth side remains open so that you can turn the the coaster out, and the wool felt will be in between the fabric. Iron the two edges of the fourth side before turning, so they are already done when you turn the right way out. Stitch the edge to finish.

Tip: When turning the coaster out, use chopsticks to poke the corners out. Works great.

You can get five coasters out of these mini charm packs.

mini charm packs roses and chocolate

Watch this video for the mini charm packs Country Kitchen coasters.

Image:YoutubeShabby Fabrics

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