The Prettiest Scrap Fabric Basket Country Charm

Scrap Baskets For Your Sewing Room Uses Every Last Scrap.

These sweet baskets remind me of autumn with warm, colors in the patchwork. Pretty postage stamp baskets in a sewing room add charm to your special place, serving a purpose as well as being great for decor. Use up every last bit of your favorite fabric stitching a mix up of miniature squares to create your quilt block. The scrappy blocks become a fabric basket brimming with country charm.


Put together all of the smallest scraps. Start with your favorite print and begin to frame it with a mix of small and medium pattern fabrics in co-ordinating colors. Florals, posies and gingham make a quaint country fabric basket. Put together any bits that will render 1 1/2 inch squares.

easy patchwork fabric baskets

The sweet postage stamp blocks are the perfect canvas for your favorite fabrics, the mixture of prints create the prettiest scrappy display. They often make up the best fabric collection, and the baskets are just right for storing similar sizes and grouping color co-ords.  Suzie from Susies Scraps suggests when stitching your 1 1/2″ squares, use a scant 1/4″ seam, and always keep something under the needle so that the machine doesn’t draw the small pieces down.

country style fabric basket

Suzie suggests chain piecing the first four sets of two, then without cutting them apart, open the chain and add on the next four pieces, then the last four in a  chain. Then join each chained row to nest the seams.

This makes it very easy to nest the seams, keep the seam allowance even, and enable same direction of how the seams lay in each row, so they all lay flat and lock into each other.

Handy baskets can be used to store scraps, serve as a thread catcher or a pretty table top storage for notions in the sewing room. The cube shaped baskets are sturdy and won’t flop over for easy access.

fabric baskets for sewing notions


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