Sewing Room Ideas – 5 Easy Ways To Organize Your Quilting Supplies

5 Easy Sewing Room Ideas For Quilting Supplies.

Keeping these sewing room ideas, tips and tricks in mind can help manage the confusion a bit! It’s going to get messy while you’re putting together a quilt. I get frustrated when I can’t find… whatever and it just spoils my creativity.

1. Be smart about where to put your stuff when organizing — specifically, placing the supplies right near where you’ll be using them, so you’re more likely to return them to their specific spot. I try and keep as much of what I’m using at arms length… or almost.

2. When it comes to storage don’t forget about items you might already have around the house. Use a bookshelf to organize fabric, a spice rack to organize tiny things like pins and needles. I use flower pots to hold supplies like scissors and seam rippers. I’ve decorated my flower pots with motifs of scrap quilting fabric.Pizza boxes are the perfect size for storing quilt blocks by the way.

sewing room ideas using flower pots

3. Utilize your wall space so you can see your work more clearly. I’ve added a bulletin board to my wall where to tack fabric swatches. It’s good floor space, but on the wall! Smaller containers are better so stuff doesn’t get lost at the bottom.

4. Similar items should be stored together. It makes more sense in your mind when you need it.It might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to store similar items next to each other so they are easy to find. What practically makes sense to be near each other?

sewing room ideas for cottons

5. Go through all your supplies and get rid of clutter. Do you need five of the same thing.Make your storage spaces more open and clear.

A clear space is a clear mind to be a better quilter!


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