Showcase Your Poppies Or Favorite Floral Fabric With A Beginners Lap Quilt

‘Walk About’ Displays Your Poppy Panache Or Any Favorite Print.

If poppies are one of your favorite florals, a simple design lets the fabric feature. Hi-lite your favorite large print, or choose any print or floral to suit your decor. The Walk About lap quilt is perfect for medium to large prints. This quilt is so fast and straight forward and requires just three or four fabrics. Fussy cut your favorite for total control of your showcase.


Make a flower garden with geraniums and poppies, or you may have a favorite floral just waiting to put on display, the design is perfect to feature large scale prints. Swap fabrics to create a different effect as shown in these two quilts!

Poppy Panache Collection Ann Lauer

Poppy Panache large motif floral fabric

The design can easily be sized up to a twin by adding an extra row top and bottom. Florals bring in the warmth of a garden, and can be used even in winter.

Irristable Iris Ann Lauer Benartex


Use Circle Play or similar print to create a modern quilt.

Circle Play Ann Lauer


‘Butterfly Forest’ features butterflies in a Spring garden.

Butterfly Forest Ann Lauer

Poppy Panache quilting fabric Walk About quilt


Poppy Panache Black multi

Instructions are for a generous lap quilt size 61′ x 61″, as well as twin, queen and king size. The quilt pattern designed by Ann Lauer of Grizzly Gulch, offers creative heights for fabric play and to make it your own.  The pattern is rated for beginners!

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