Simple Squares Just Add Fabric

So Easy To Make Just Add The Prettiest Floral Fabric

Create a simple four patch quilt to show off your favorite fabric, or simply sew five inch squares in rows. Country quilts are always a win. However it’s not always the grandeur of the quilt, but the fabric. Beautiful country style or shabby floral fabric have such a special appeal that these fabrics are their best with a simple quilt.

How beautiful are these scrappy summer quilts. Quilted around the edges and then diagonally across the square, and you feel as though this could be the all time favourite. Binding in a bright red and white pinstripe. The backing is a gorgeous Pam Kitty Picnic fabric with cherries and roses on yellow. Beautiful!

pam kitty picnic fabric cherries and roses on yellow

The entire quilt is made up up five inch squares. No need for a border. Simply quilt and bind.

four patch quilt free pattern

The quilt is plain but the fabric really warms your heart.

four patch quilt floral fabric applique

The display is so pretty. Simply made from fabric scraps.

four patch quilt country fabric

Here is the same quilt in beautiful lavender.

four patch quilt floral fabric


Make matching pillow covers.

four patch quilt floral fabric roses

Soft pinks and Cabbage Rose is always a favorite.

four patch quilt floral fabric roses and polka dots


Here is a mix of wild rose and polka dots.

four patch quilt country rose fabric

A four patch quilt will also show off fabric beautifully. One way is to use four squares and sew together to make a block and complete the entire quilt with these four square blocks. Another idea is to make one block consisting of four squares, and then one block solid block the same size as the four square block. When sewing the quilt top, sew a row by alternating one four square block and one solid block, and so on.

four patch quilt pink and green floral fabric

In the tutorial, the pattern instruction is to use the alternating method. However, the tutorial is sufficient to guide you with either technique, right through to finish.

Just add fabric!

Mary Rose Flower Rosebuds On Lavender

floral fabric lavender

Pam Kitty Picnic fabric with cherries and roses on yellow.

pam kitty picnic for a four patch quilt

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