Snowman Mug Rugs For A Little Winter Romance

Make These Cute Winter Romance Mug Rugs.

Isn’t it fun to bring a little story into a quilt project like these little snow people who have just found romance. What a winter story to warm your heart. Make two mugs of hot chocolate and take out your Winter Romance’ mug rugs! What a great idea! Everyone would love some of these in their home. Wouldn’t they make a lovely addition to an engagement or wedding gift, and perfect for an anniverasy gift too. Or else just something to share with someone you love. Or someone who has just found love. There are heaps of reasons to make a couple of these winter mug rugs to be used for the entire season.


Not only perfect for mug rugs, make it into a mini wall quilt, or use as a table mat. It’s too cute for the winter season. Perfect beginner project, anyone can make one, with and only a little applique skills needed.

Winter is the perfect time for romance and these little snow people have just found each other. The design is so beautifully done that it even captures the expressions of love on the snow peoples faces! That’s the beauty of a pattern already worked out. There are full templates and full size layout included. You should easily capture the same mood. It’s all about the end result. These romance mug rugs are too cute. And when the snow melts away warm memories remain shared by two people.

There’s something about a snowmen. They can easily portray a mood or action, such as catching their hat, waving, or looking inside a window. I haven’t met a quilty snowman yet that does not capture my heart every single time!









With a holiday feel to these mug rugs, they can be taken out as part of your holiday decor too. Use every year with this one especially bringing back warm memories of a Christmas romance!