Speck Quilt With Mixed X and O’s For A Perfect Day of Sewing

Make This Speck Quilt And Alternate X and O’s.

This Schnibbles Speck quilt is such fun. To get started all you need are mini charms or 2 1/2 inch squares from fabric scraps, for a perfect day of sewing to make this quaint mini quilt. A small project that provides instant rewards.


Speck is another word for little bites or little pieces and this Little Bites uses just 2 1/2″ pre-cut squares. The pattern comes together in a couple of hours, but you’re left wanting to keep making more of these adorable blocks. It’s an instant gratification project using scraps, or your favorite mini charms, for a sweet mini quilt that can brighten up any room needing a little color.

Scnibbles Speck quilt pattern using X s only

Pink Pincushion
The pattern comes together easily especially following the pressing instructions provided. The designer Carrie Nelson for Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co suggests starching or sizing fabrics before cutting, even 2 1/2″ pre cuts, and always factors in any shrinkage from pre-sizing or starching fabric. The idea is to spray the pre-cuts or 2 1/2 inch squares generously with Magic Spray Sizing. The fabric irons so much faster if left to dry a little first, adding ‘body’ to the fabric making it super easy to handle for cutting, and piecing is so much more accurate.

Sandy from Textile House Quilts alternated the X’s and O’s making this quilt a little unique and mentions if deciding to mix up the X’s and O’s, read all of the instructions first. The X Speck design provides for sashing and cornerstones. You’ll notice that there is no sashing provided for the O block and she had change the measurements to fit the larger blocks.

Speck quilt vintage floral fabric

Mini charm squares are ideal for this mini project and a delightful block to piece. You’ll be needing 80 assorted light, medium, and dark mini charms or 2 1/2″  squares for the blocks to make a 20″ x 24″ mini quilt.