Spring Spin With Pretty Pinwheels Bold And Bright

Perfect For A layer Cake

A stunning quilt of pinwheels in bright colors that pop against a white background. Easy to piece using hst’s with a good contrast in color, all you need is a layer cake or choose a favorite fabric!




An asymmetric layout with plenty of white space gives this quilt a modern appeal and lots of room to display quilting. Make the pattern just as it is or use your favorite print to personalize it.

Spring quilt pinwheels

A quick quilt in time for the new season, to make your pinwheels fast, use squares from a layer already coordinated, and start stitching. This pretty quilt is made up 42 pinwheels, a no waste layer cake design.

Pair with white, to make your hst’s simply sew around the 4 edges with the usual 1/4″ seam allowance. Slice each pair diagonally in both directions, make into pinwheels, arrange them in a pleasing order.

Designed by Bev Getschel, this 64″ x 72″ quilt makes a beautiful Spring throw.



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