Star Quilt From A Jar Of Scraps

Reach For Your Scraps And Make A Colorful Star Quilt.

You couldn’t imagine a scrappy Star Quilt with such energy. The finished quilt is very colorful. Reds, navies, blues and aqua against white was used in the quilt block tutorial. They’re both equally as nice. Of course you can’t miss the little cats in some of these scarps. The colors are very summer garden.

Although the color blocks are busy, the white freshens the whole look. The mix of zig zags and polka dots. It’s a fun quilt and very easy to make just following the steps. This quilt belongs in the garden it’s so pretty. Not much can go wrong with this one yet the results look so professional.

All this scrappy quilt really needs is

(12) 2″ bright squares
(12) 2″ white squares

(4) 2″ x 3-1/2″ white rectangles
(4) 4-1/4″ white squares*
(4) 4-1/4″ bright squares*

star quilt blockCut more than 4 for more variety!

Here the star quilt block in reds, navies and aqua…
scrap star quilt red blue and whiteThis is the quilt top finished and in it’s rightful place…. in the garden!
colorful scrappy star quilt

Have fun making a scrappy star quilt!

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