Stylish Drawstring Bag To Make For So Many Uses

Make This Drawstring Bag For Gifts, Cosmetics Or Even Shopping In Style.

This super easy drawstring bag can be made up quick in an hour or two. Use any fabric to match your style. Strong contrasts could make a bag quite stylish. A sweet design for a gift. Use as a cosmetic bag or travel toiletry bag. There are heaps of different uses for these cute little fabric drawstring bags.

Most drawstring bag patterns suggest string threaded through the top. The drawstring casing is sometimes sewn about an inch from the top. Then to close, simply pull the string either side of the bag in order to close it. Great idea.


However the bag in this pattern has a bit of a different approach. The casing is sewn right at the top. 3/4″ or 3/8″ broad cotton tape is used, and once the bag is drawn closed, the tie forms a type of bow which looks great, but also serves as a comfortable carry handle. Not to mention, it looks really trendy. I also thought that something like a solid Grosgrain ribbon might be suitable, but check that out your local fabric store first to see what suits your project first.


This style of bag would make a great gift as a cosmetics or toiletry bag. Use soft vinyl fabric for the lining instead of woven/cotton fabric.


The fabric used for the bag shown in the pattern is a reasonably firm woven fabric. The “patchwork” used for the design of the bag gives the bag body and support. It looks so cute, and is not too floppy. Another idea is to layer the body of the bag with a thin batting to make the bag more study, depending on what the bag will be used for. Simply place a thin layer of batting between the bottom circle, and in between the lining and bag fabric, and stitch as per picture tutorial. I can’t see the outer ‘patchwork panels’ needing anymore support.




Any fabric color and prints could be used for this drawstring bag. I can see it being a great gift for a quilter. Put anything in from accessories for a retreat, or just to store bits and bobs.


You might find a Drawstring Backpack handy too. Great for toting your quilting supplies.