Sweet Teddy Bear Quilt For Baby’s Crib

This Teddy Bear Quilt Will Be Treasured For Years

A family of teddy bears sleeping under a quilt warms everyone’s heart. A quilt that will be welcomed by new Mom’s, and loved by toddlers, and cherished with fond memories for years long after.



A fun quilt to make that allows a lot of choice for color. Make the bears in different colors to create character. Mom and Dad bear could be in soft honey brown, then make the sweet babies in chocolate. Choose colors to accent the prints in the patchwork.

sleeping teddy bear baby quilt

A combination of patchwork squares are easy to piece. Soft tonal colors set the scene, with applique for the sleepy bears.

If planning to gift this quilt, be sure to add a quilt label! A mix of colorful squares and a little fabric for the bears create a finished crib quilt of 41″ x 50″.



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