Touching Stars Quilt That Comes With A Story

Touching Stars Quilt Pattern With Touching Stars Novel Emilie Richards

Red and white Touching Stars Quilt is not easily ignored. There is an ambience about this quilt. The only color choice, red… and white! So beautifully used in this quilt with a wide scalloped border. It just flows.

There is an extra special experience with this quilt pattern and that is that the author of the Pattern book Touching Stars, is one and the same author of Touching Stars, the novel. The author is Emilie Richards. The pattern book Touching Stars is enhanced with excerpts from the novel. This Quilt Along with Emilie Richards book follows three earlier volumes. Wedding Ring, Endless Chain, and Lover’s Knot.

A companion quilting book for the author’s Touching Stars novel, this book offers 9 projects as described in the story. They are Touching Stars Quilt, Virginia Star Quilt, Devil’s Puzzle Quilt, Ohio Star Quilt, Blazing Star Quilt, Seven Sisters Framed Block, Rising Star Table Runner, Memory Block Pillow, and Slanted Diamonds Potholder.

touching stars quilt red and white red scallop border


What a lovely gift this Quilt Along Book would make. Get one for yourself too. The Touching Stars quilt pattern is just mesmerizing.

touching stars quilt along emilie richards

Back of the book.

touching stars quilt along richards

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