Twelve Frosty Blocks For A Delightful Winter Throw

Create A Frosty Quilt Using Winter Mitts and Snowflakes Motifs

When everything is red and white for the holiday season, this frosty fabric in ice blue is like a diamond in the snow. With fun large blue snowflake blocks and cute mitts appliqued, you feel like going out to play. A reminder of how much fun winter is!

The quilt is made up of twelve frosty blocks. White and silver fabric with metallic dots used for the inner border give the quilt an extra dimension. Mitts are cleverly made using solids, making the background look floaty like real snow. This cute quilt will last all season long.

Karen Montgomery Wintry Mix Throw designer must have had great fun designing this quilt with snowflake motifs , mitts and a flurry of snow. The large snowflakes really pop.

So I noticed the fabric suggested in the pattern is not easily available. I went ahead and did a little matching up which I think might be some good substitutes. Bear in mind I haven’t bought the fabric so you might want to check tones etc. before deciding to purchase any fabric. The blocks are different sizes, and perhaps if you only manage to get a couple of pieces of the metallic batiks, the rest can be snowy fabrics in blues, whites and silver and/or gray, and maybe some solids… you may come up with a great result. It may be not exactly the same as the quilt in the pattern image, but certainly close.


I thought I saw more to the pattern than simply a throw with mitt and snowflake motifs. Imagine looking directly at this quilt with the fabrics suggested. The prints are Batiks, and there is a Batik Prism print in the mix too. From Cracked Ice Gray to mottled Periwinkle…. there’s more to this than what the picture on the pattern is showing. I suddeny caught the vision and went on the hunt to match up the fabric as close to the Timeless Treasures “First Frost” collection as I could get. As I found them, I listed each one below.

You may want to print this page out, or write down the names, and get them from your local fabric shop. You might need only one or two pieces to add to what you already have.

The design is so cute, it’s worth working out the fabrics.

Fabric Requirements:

3⁄4 yard white-and-silver metallic dot (appliqués, inner border)
Quilting Treasures Snowflakes White on White. Click here to get it.
(This picture is Quilting Treasures Snowflakes White On White. I put a border around the picture to make it easier to see. Hope it helps.)
1-1⁄4 yards mottled blue or similar (blocks, binding) Northcott Rheindeer Prance Metallic.  Get it here



18×22″ piece (fat quarters) each dark blue, gray blue, baby blue, and light gray prints (appliqués)
– Timeless Treasures Fat quarter bundle Snowflakes.
Click Here To Get It.

3⁄8 yard each mottled gray, silver, and periwinkle (blocks)
Mottled Gray – Essentials from Wilmington Prints Cracked Ice Light Gray. Get it here.


Robert Kauffman Silver (Gray). Get it Here
Quilting Treasures Light Periwinkle.  Click Here To Get It
1⁄4 yard blue large snowflake print (blocks) This one appears a little warm on the tonal side, but it matches up on the pattern picture… and I think it works.  Get it Here

1⁄4 yard each gray, periwinkle, and light blue small snowflake prints (blocks)
Gray small snowflakes print – Use White small snowflakes on silver gray. Get it here


Periwinkle small snowflake prints- Robert Kaufman Sugar Plum Metallic Snowflake Periwinkle. Get it here


Light blue small snowflake prints – Wilmington Get it here

2-1⁄2 yards blue snowflake stripe (blocks, outer border) – Timeless Treasures Blue Geometric Snowflake Stripe. ( I love this)  Get it here

12 Die cut applique snowflakes shapes – fusible ones are handy  Get it here.
(Or you could get fabric with a large print snowflake and cut a square with each snowflake motif. I couldn’t find any with the right color fabric).

Fabric list again for the “Wintry Mix” frosty snowflakes winter throw.
3⁄4 yard white-and-silver metallic dot (appliqués, inner border)
1-1⁄4 yards mottled blue (blocks, binding)
18×22″ piece (fat quarters) each dark blue, gray blue, baby blue, and light gray prints (appliqués)
3⁄8 yard each mottled gray, silver, and periwinkle (blocks)
1⁄4 yard blue large snowflake print (blocks)
1⁄4 yard each gray, periwinkle, and light blue small snowflake prints (blocks)
2-1⁄2 yards blue snowflake stripe (blocks, outer border)
3-1⁄2 yards backing fabric
12 die cut applique Snowflakes 5″ ( optional)
63×78″ batting
2 yards lightweight fusible web
Machine-embroidery thread

The finished block is 15″ square. Quilt size 56-1⁄2×71-1⁄2″


Don’t bag the left over fabric scraps. This fabric is just gorgous on this Christmas stocking. The delightful Christmas stocking was featured way back in an article on Color Options from American Patchwork & Quilting December 2009.
The spiral design is taken from the book Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts by RaNae Merrill.

simply-amazing-spiral-quilts-for-this-christmas-stockingThe spirals compliment the Snowflakes Batik fabric. Designers: Mary Reddington and RaNae Merrill.

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