Storm Watcher Snowman Quilt To Snuggle and Watch The Snowflakes

Warm and Cozy Under This Flannel Snowman Quilt

This plaid quilt in cosy flannel, is just adorable with that snowman quietly watching the snow fall and loving every minute. A mix of reds and greens that don’t quite lend the quilt to Christmas, can be used right to the end of the winter season. There’s nothing better than hanging out with a snuggly snowman all winter long.



Piece in assorted plaid blocks, applique the snowman and add the snowflakes to create your very own snow storm. Why not let it snow all day. This cute frosty treasure can be made comfortably over two weekends.

Snowman Quilt Storm Watcher Keepsake quilting

Not only a lot of fun to make, but you are sure to catch the holiday spirit. After the holidays, Storm Watcher can stay till the end of the season, watching for more snow.

It’s the perfect lap quilt to roll up and tie with a ribbon for a lovely gift, a must have for the winter season. I can’t imagine anyone not being delighted receiving one of these for winter. The quilt finishes at 52″ x 67″.

snowman quilt with snowflakes

The snowman quilt pattern ‘Storm Watcher’ is available for purchase. The pattern is handmade by the original designers Past Thyme Patterns.


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