Two Jelly Rolls A Ribbon Candy Quilt With Enough Jelly Strips To Bind

Two Jelly Rolls Then Have Fun Planning 3 Jelly Strips For The Ribbons.

The Ribbon Candy quilt is a design that catches your eye. It becomes more beautiful as you study the detail and start to notice the colorways of the ribbons, then the accent ribbon. Using Jelly Rolls gives this pattern a more scrappy look, with creativity unlimited by building three color ribbons from the rolls and then adding an additional accent strip. It’s like pure art.

Amanda has used 2 Juniper Berry Jelly Rolls for this quilt. The design is so unique almost any fabric with the right combinations would be stunning.


From the Jelly strips, plan three colorways for each of your ribbons. To start with you’ll be choosing an outer, middle and inner fabric color. Then an accent strip, but the focus is on three colors first. The tutorial shows a block where the outer color is blue, middle is white, the inner is green, and the accent is black.



In this quilt Amanda Morrison planned her ribbons to be the same from top to bottom. Carefully plan each color from the jelly rolls. You’ll be needing between 7 and 8 Jelly Roll strips of each color for one ribbon. Once the blocks are finished, follow the pattern diagram to lay them out. It’s amazing to see how the Ribbon Candy comes together!

This version of Ribbon Candy finishes at 86″ x 100″ which is perfect for a queen size bed. Adding a fourth ribbon is a super easy way to make a king size quilt!


Amanda planned the Ribbon Candy quilt to use only two jelly rolls with enough left over strips for the binding, an excellent yield. The design is fabulous as a Christmas quilt, but can be made for any time of year. Simply choose your jelly rolls based on the season or decor.