Two Quilting Shorts Cuts To Yield Endless Quilt Tops

A Pile Of Quilt Blocks In Half The Time

Try these super smart tips to cut and sew four 3 patch quarter square triangle at once. The second tip is to makes two 4-patch quilt blocks in half the time. All you need is fabric!



Make quick pinwheels, and spinning stars. Decide on fabric layout and create your own designs! Start with four rectangles of fabric and sew down the length of one side in pairs. Then place them right sides together with seams perpendicular to each other, and sew the perimeter of the square. Make two cuts from corner to corner, resulting in four blocks! Arrange them till you love the design.

quick quilt blocks with shortcuts

To make 2 four patch blocks you’ll be starting with 4 x 10 inch squares in different prints, 2 of which will be sewn on the left and right side, with fabric right sides together. Repeat for the next 2 squares. Cut them in half, and put together one piece from each set.

Theresa from Theresa Downunder says when pinning the squares together, align the middle seams really well. Then sew on opposite sides again, and repeat with the next two pieces. Cut the block in half to reveal the prettiest 4 patch block. Make any size block needed using this method.

In her 4 minute video Theresa demonstrates two shortcuts that saves so much time. In no time you have a pile of quilt blocks for your project.

Theresa has a new book out ‘Turnabout Patchwork Simple Quilts With A Twist’. Her book is all about playing with blocks – making a block, slicing it up, and turn or re-position the pieces to make a completely different block. The book includes 24 patterns


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