How To Use A Sewing Machine

How To Use A Sewing Machine – Totally Beginner Friendly.

I just wanted to tell you all the basics you need to know about how to use a sewing machine. When I first started out sewing, I really struggled with my sewing only because I didn’t really understand how to use a sewing machine properly. I didn’t even know how to thread the machine let alone anything about about setting the tension. I thought I could just put the thread though the needle and start sewing. My mom came home from work and helped me out setting it up and showed me a couple things. Then she got busy with other things at home and I tried to sew a simple cotton dress. The cotton knotted up over and over again. There always seems to be a problem with the threads. Even more, when you start sewing the thread pulls out.

Another common thing is that the machine doesn’t move the material. It stays in one spot. So frustrating! When I look back I realize that if I had only known the simple things shown in this video I would have loved sewing from day dot! If you’re a beginner, you’ll really benefit from the some of things in this sewing machine tutorial. You could easily be put off sewing simply because you struggle with your sewing machine.

This is what this video will show you:-

Parts of machine
Threading the machine (bobbin facing you)
Ready to sew
Locking Stitches(reverse)
Zigzag stitching
Tips and tricks
Why does my needle keep breaking?
Needle Size Chart How to change the presser foot
How to change the needle
How to change the bobbin (laying flat)
Well here it is. Watch this video on how to use a sewing machine and fall in love with sewing! Thanks for sharing Amy.

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