Waves Of Grain Flannel Quilt Irristably Cozy All Year Long

Cozy Flannel Lap Quilt Always A Family Favorite.

Flannel quilting fabric used in lap quilts is a family favorite and Waves of Grain is no exception. Select your favorite 2½” collection of precuts, pair them with a couple of light fabrics and you are ready to begin. Dark print squares form diagonal lines through Waves of Grain when the scrappy blocks are joined. Flannel fabric for quilting is perfect for winter quilts and getting cozy all year long. Sometimes simple quilts are the most fun to make!

A light cream or beige background with dark chains featured in the pattern image is just right for the theme of this quilt. Swap the color combination around and use colors such as a cinnamon and chocolate for the background and light color chains in a diagonal line across the quilt. Introduced as a flannel quilt, however this quilt would be great in any fabric. It’s the kind of quilt that fits in with almost any decor.

scrappy chain quilt


Use 2 1/2 inch pre cut strips, or cut the strips from your favorite fabric. The background prints in soft muted cream and beige, with a ‘grain’ print create a soft earthy feel. The skill level for this is quilt is intermediate, however the design consists of mostly straight sewing which is a perfect for a beginner. With a little experience, you’ll be cozy in under in a weekend!


This prep video is a good overview of the the construction of the blocks.




The video is only runs for around four minutes, but I’m not sure if you can wait that long!!

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