Wonky Squares Quilt Mad As A Hatter That Makes You Crazy Creative

Mad As A Hatter Pattern Wonky Squares Quilt

Wonky squares quilt blocks make up this Mad As A Hatter Quilt. Black and snow white blocks as the background make the colors pop. The wonky blocks have precise lines and show off the angular lines. Colorful additions make the quilt fun and playful. I couldn’t imagine this quilt in any other colors.

It’s perfect as a wall hanging and just as suitable for a table runner. Delirious lap quilt to have as a throw in the lounge. Imagine the quilt as a throw over a black leather couch!

This quilt block is very simple to make with little waste and lots of opportunity for variation. The effect is dramatic no matter which approach you use. The key to the success of the design is the contrast of the fabrics you choose for it. Fabric decided, make up the four blocks and play around on a design wall. It’s creates a universe of patterns, sparking creativity for a myriad of displays. One tip, you must have multiples of four blocks or it won’t be as easy to distribute your colored strips. So that’s a good start. No telling when to stop. The ideas are endless!

Black black and snow white for the main block. Binding matches colors in the colored strips. Electric.

wonky squares quilt pattern black and white


To give you an idea to get started, cut fabric according to pattern instructions. Stitch.

how to make blocks for a wonky squares quilt

Complete the block.

how to sew the squares of a wonky squares quilt

Here’s the finished block. It’ll measure about 13″ unfinished, but none of the edges will really be perfect so it’s time to trim! You can carefully trim the blocks to 12.5″ , or to any other size larger than 8.5″ (smaller than that and there won’t be much of an effect). Your squaring can be straight or wonky, depending on the size square you choose. The smallest wonky block you can cut will be 9.5″ unfinished, or you’ll cut into the contrast strips.

wonky squares quilt block ready to use on the design wall


Time to go to the design wall. You must have multiples of four blocks or it won’t be as easy to distribute your colored strips.

how to arrange wonky squares quilt block


It’s going to a be a fun weekend!

wonky squares quilt ideas


There is a full pattern tutorial for this delightful wonky squares quilt. There is also a pattern for purchase for a small fee.

And if you would the pattern as a pdf download to have fun forever.

A peek at the pattern…

how to make a wonky squares quilt Mad As A Hatter

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