Hex n’ More Sweetheart Table Topper Seven Variations

Choose Your Favorite Fabric And Make This Sweetheart Table Topper.

One design seven variations, and it’s not only the fabric that makes the difference. The quilting also adds to the personality of this Sweetheart table topper. Easily made from fabric scraps and using the Hex n’ More template. Sort the fabrics you would like to use, then cut out the heart blocks and start arranging them. No need to stick to a formal arrangement. Since two blocks together make up a heart shape, different color fabric hearts strategically placed create a dimensional look.


The block is made up of a semi cut hexagon, using Jaybirds Hex n’ More template. Put two blocks together to make a heart. Arranging the ‘hearts’ in a circle with all pointed ends pointing to the center makes an appealing round-about of hearts!

sweet hearts table topper

Different color choices change the shape of the round-about and the hearts even appear to be a-flutter! Place a hexagon in the center and a flower appears. This is so much fun, and to think this one design can make a whole stack of different toppers. The quilting alters the mood entirely. From free motion quilting for a softer country sort of feel, to strong lines following the shape of the heart for a modern feel.

sweetheart table topper using hex n more quilting ruler

Here are just seven of the ones we chose to show off different fabric, placement and quilting ideas. There are so many more besides these. Mix and match for a splash of color and free motion quilt.



Clever placement of fabric creates a star!



Here single blocks were used cut from the Jaybird Hex n’ More template, and placed in the middle, with hearts positioned on the outer border.



Ever beautiful batiks with ‘leaf’ print, and broad border.



Fussy cut birds or your favorite piece from your fabric. The Jaybird Hex n’ More template is clear plastic so it’s easy to fussy cut exactly what you would like to use on your Sweetheart table topper.

hearts table topper free pattern


Beautiful quilting for a strong vibrant look. Modern and edgy, and loaded with summer.


Hearts all a-flutter anyone can do.

sweetheart-table-topper-jaybird-quilts-hex-templateAll Images:Jaybird Quilts

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