8 Simple Tips To Always Get Your Quilt Piecing On Point

These Piecing Tips Are Almost A Free Mini Quilting Course

There might be just one or two simple reasons, or more, for points not matching up, from how to cut fabric, to squaring up blocks. If you’re off by even ⅛th of an inch on every block, by the time you piece together the entire quilt, it’s unlikely to match up. It’s also a challenge to master a quarter inch seam, however there are some things that can be checked to find out why right away.



A number of quick checks are for the ¼” markings on your sewing machine, or even your ¼” presser foot. To make sure your markings and presser foot haven’t gone off track, stitch a ¼” seam, then measure it with a clear ruler. You need to hit ¼” exactly, aka a scant 1/4″, or else end up with a quilt that’s a totally different size than what you intended.

how to get a scant quarter inch seam

To get beautifully-pieced blocks, fabric has to be cut correctly the right size. Using a sharp rotary blade is more economical, than trying to make a blunt one last longer. Dull blades and needles making accuracy almost impossible.

While a quilters mantra is ‘measure twice cut once’, Amy Gibson of Bluprint, has an idea that goes further, suggesting when cutting several units from the same piece of fabric, stop occasionally to make sure the fabric is still square!

Great tips when starting out quilting. Amy may also have just one or two extras in her 8 tips tutorial, that will explain why quilt blocks are not as picture perfect as the ones on pattern covers and magazines. You’ll find simple solutions for getting perfect piecing after trying for years.


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