The Binding Tool – Quilt Binding Wrecks Your Quilt

Even Experienced Quilters Reach For A Binding Tool

After spending the time deciding on  the quilt you would like to make, then choosing the fabric and loving every minute making the quilt blocks, it’s exciting to see the pattern come together. If the finish isn’t right it can spoil your quilt. The binding makes all the difference.


Following pattern instructions render great results, until you have to complete the binding. The binding often ends up being 2 to 3 inches to long and will not be quite as nice a finish. This tutorial on binding a quilt using a simple binding tool changes everything!

All you really need is for someone to show you a couple tricks that they learnt along the way, and the binding tool used in this video makes it really easy. Of course there are ways to cut and measure, and re-cut and stitch, and so on. However a binding tool helps get it right first time.

This video on how to bind a quilt using a binding tool, is just four minutes long. The video shows where to start the binding and where to finish. Click here to get the binding tool.


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